Links, that’s what the Internet is about!

I have added a further two links to my link list. Their positioning at the top of the list reflects my perception that I would be less likely to break the whole template like I did last time rather than any endorsement, although frankly “Bitch Lab” is probably better than any of the other crap that you read these days. I have been promising to put that link up for a while, and now I have, so enjoy the ocean of nuts, trolls, ne’er-do-wells and single issue cranks that constitutes my clickthrough stream. (Btw, I have considered having adverts on this blog for a while. I do not really object to them on ethical, aesthetic (much) or general punk rock grounds, but they have not gone up because a) it looks like work and b) I really could not face google constantly reminding me “People who read this blog also purchased a blow-up doll, three kilos of sausage meat and a chainsaw” all the time)

“Aaronovitch Watch” is me, (or at least, I have currently forgotten that I am meant to be pretending it isn’t) plus a few other Big Name Bloggers, who all have more sense than me when it comes to keeping their Big Names quiet. Oh except Dave who I think is more or less out of the closet. Basically if you like astonishingly wordy and temperamental attacks on Nick Cohen or if you like sarcastic nitpicking at David Aaronovitch, we’re your men and women. Oh alright, men. There are no women involved with Aaronovitch Watch. Are you happy now?

I’m having a bit of a vague kind of day today. Are any readers having a vague kind of day? Still, it’s better than whatever I was on when I had a go at Andrew Anthony the week before last. In case anyone’s wondering, the “very nasty remark” I was holding in reserve and didn’t get a chance to use was to suggest that AA had been intellectually flat out writing the “Clothes For Chaps column and that the leap from talking about tweed collars to the epistemological status of moral statements had been a bit much for him. It was a bit unfair but certainly not as unfair as this blatant baiting of David Hirsh, who I think may be getting to that point people often reach in discussions with me where they start applying for a shotgun permit. Hirsh is (whisper it) actually one of the more reasonable Decents who is nobody’s idea of a pro-Israel bigot (he has actually been there which puts him in a clear lead over the average online Israelophile) and has written some intelligent things in the past. But the ENGAGE attempt to launch the Big Chief Eye Spy Guide To Finding AntiSemitic Implications in Everyday Phrases is hilarious and I frankly can’t see myself not finding it funny for a while.

More Levitt coming soon … (yes it is, do you think I’m lying or something).


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