I suppose some sort of comment is in order

I am now going to be writing quite a bit for Comment Is Free, the new Guardian blog. A lot of people are apparently saying it isn’t a proper blog, but in my view, if it’s got a really nasty flamewar about Israel somewhere on it, it’s a blog. In principle they pay money, but it is quite difficult to get it, but I am frankly in it for the ego trip.

My original idea was that I would post all my good ideas there and put the crap on this site and CT. On the other hand, it has just dawned on me that whenever they pay me, I have to pay higher rate income tax on it, plus there is no PAYE so it will turn my income tax form into a hideous nightmare of record-keeping (even more so since it has launched two weeks before the end of the tax year, so in eighteen months time I will forget which cheques arrived which side of April 5th). So I might actually reverse that strategy.

The Levitt review part 2 (tentatively entitled “The Heterodox Economic Theory Of The Criminal Firm”) is now half finished. It’s not really got much to do with Freakonomics but whatcha gonna do. I think I might finish it tonight, and it will be up here as it is way, way too long for the Guardian.

This is as good a time as any to admit that I am one of the people behind Aaronovitch Watch (incorporating “Nick Cohen Watch”).

Update. It is traditional on this site to break up the hiatuses with silly newspaper headline jokes. So I note that the Evening Standard yesterday had the headline “GANG PLOTTED TO BLOW UP BLUEWATER”. Could this occasion the first prosecution for glorifying terrorism?


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