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January 24, 2006

Around and about the blogs

Sorry, quite busy recently � I did promise another installment of the Levitt sage, didn’t I? Forthcoming, although probably not this week as Thursday is my big night for writing blog posts and this week I am going to heckle at a philosophy lecture instead. Anyway, of late I have:

A busy week, although I did make time to troll the Newsnight “Have Your Say” feature (scroll down to “Russia spy row”). I have a mate at Newsnight who I like to wind up from time to time, so there are actually quite a few of these in the archive.



January 13, 2006

PC Plod

Once more, the politically correct mafia are censoring Radio 4 and this time it is a slightly different crowd who have grabbed the wrong end of the stick (surprisingly little overlap between the gang shouting “Islamophobia” now and the gang shouting “PC leftoFascism” a month ago

Look chaps, this is the deal. There are apparently a few rather touchy queens who listen to Today and PM. If you say something nasty about our friends the pooves, they are going to call the police (apparently in this case there is even a handy web portal for them to use) and say you’ve committed a public order offence (this would have to be “harassment”, as homophobic incitment is not a crime). The busies will investigate this, because that is their job, investigating alleged crimes (I know that a lot of people including my readers think that their real job is walking around in circles and no other form of police work has any merit at all, but I promise you this is not true). In the course of investigating this charge and finding it to be bollocks, you will get a phone call from John Law. Try not to fly off the handle when it happens is all I’m saying.

A few years ago, there were a couple of Newcastle fans who used to play a similar annoying and silly game. If an opposing striker ever kissed his badge or shouted to the crowd to celebrate a goal, they would grass on him to the police and claim he was committing a public order offence by taunting him. This is not acceptable behaviour of course, and gets both pooves and Geordies a reputation for being thin-skinned slimy little toe-rags who can give it out but not take it. But nor is it the end of democracy.


January 8, 2006

Batting aggressively off a sticky wicket

Happy New Year, bastards. I must say that the proprietor of Lenin’s Tomb is doing a pretty fair job of pretending that George Galloway’s stint on Celebrity Big Brother isn’t a massive honking fucking embarrassment to everyone who backed him in RESPECT. If I was a member of a political party that sold newspapers, I wouldn’t do this sort of thing half as well. It’s kind of like watching Robin Smith taking the fight to the Windies, slashing boldly away at Courtney Walsh without a helmet, in the knowledge that they’re about to bring a spinner on.

Update Although the fans of Christopher Hitchens are hardly in a position to pass comment.