Bizarro World update

I pass on without comment the fact that Mr Oliver Kamm has written the following paragraph by way of a defence of his book against charges of having a “college debating style”:

Perhaps I could provide for your readers a summary of the thesis that Heartfield declines to divulge. My aim in the book is to defend the Blair-Bush strategy of promoting global democracy, trace its antecedents in left-wing debates about foreign policy, and identify the distinctive contribution that progressives can make to an internationalist coalition. Heartfield maintains that the case for liberal interventionism founders on “all the repulsive details of waging war”. Understandably, given that his argument has so obvious and comprehensive a historical refutation (but let us return to Bosnia later), he quickly resorts to the non sequitur of disputing my leftist credentials. He is so determined on this conclusion (and, given the paucity of his other material, tied to it), that he flagrantly misrepresents my argument in order to derive it.

If you like this paragraph he has more. Ho ho ho, god bless us all, but particularly me.


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