More cheap jokes in the meanwhile

I fucking swear to you, my loyal readers, that a long and substantial piece on heterodox economics (including a detailed and voluminous attempt to pick a fight with Steven Levitt, who I have spent the last few weeks ascertaining is a small and spindly bloke who does not own a gun) is forthcoming. In the meantime …

… it has just occurred to me that the phrase “Economist Intelligence Unit”, commonly supposed to refer to the publishers of the rich man’s Old Moore’s Almanac, is actually a sadly defunct SI measuring system which is used to define precisely how much of a moron the business school pseud braying at you about German labour reform is. Thus, one might say that Oliver Kamm measures 2.5 EIUs, while the author of Stumbling and Mumbling probably only measures 0.6 EIUs. And so on.


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