Betting update

Oh all right, I put my money on Doctor “Doctor Doctor” Fox. On the basis of a tip-off that he was well-liked in the City. I backed him at 12-1 at Ladbrokes; I missed the top tick because I could have got him at 14s the next day, but he is right back down now and I could take a small profit by laying him at 10s on Betfair. Bollocks to that, I’m sticking on for the real money.

I am slightly worried by the Cameron bandwagon obviously; there do seem to be a few rumours flying round that he has taken cocaine in the past, but so what? is the opinion of all the journalists I read (all of whom notoriously vote in Tory leadership elections). As far as I can tell, the only people left who would be prejudiced against someone simply because he snorted a few lines at university are a bunch of old farts in tweed suits living out in the country. Talk about out of touch granddad; they might as well be members of the Conservative Party.

Update: By the way, in further newsboard humour, the Times had a headline the other day saying something like “PRISONERS GET EXTRA TIME FOR STABBING” Is this at all wise? They seemed to be doing enough stabbing during the normal 90 minutes.

late betting update: rassen frassen riam rox.


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