We have a winner!!!!

Congratulations to commenter “redpesto” for this prediction in the Friday Forecast Thread:

DA on the Tory party conference; NC on the News Statesman story about John Humphreys.


Meanwhile… Salon’s Gary Kamiya reviews a pro-war liberal’s book on the Iraq war. (Day Pass Required: link here) Worth it for the NC-related stuff on Paul Berman

As it turned out, right predictions, wrong columnists; Nick did a bit of warmed-over Bermanism about “when the Islamists strike Paris” and Dave has done a bit on the Staggers story on John Humphrys. But this is much closer to the mark than anyone’s managed in recent weeks and deserves the prize. Well done fella.


6 Responses to “We have a winner!!!!”

  1. rioja kid Says:

    Very curious piece. This is media page parish pump controversy, not general op ed stuff. I know the originaly Humphries story appeared in the Times, but how many Times readers care about a row between the Staggers and the BBC or want to read a narrow focused defense of the Beeb?

  2. bruschetta boy Says:

    Ahhhh but note that now the “Gilligan argument” has been reversed 180 degrees. It is now the contention that “he was a bad man, so what does it matter if the specific claim was untrue”. Which is exactly the argument that the Blair govt is now making and exactly the argument that the BBC did not in fact make; they claimed that the specific story was true. The purpose is the rewrite of history … more to come

  3. Matthew Says:

    Oh sweet lord I’ve just read Cohen’s Wednesday Standard column for the first time, and utterly without warning, as I’d completely forgotten he wrote a column.

    This week’s oppression to be fought is Traffic Wardens in Islington. Cor blimey guv’nor they give out too many tickets, even, would’ya believe it, to a hearse. It’s the left’s fault, naturally (along with ‘capitalism’, ie nice safe target as means nothing).

    You really couldn’t make it up.

  4. Matthew Says:

    And how Bruschetta Liberal is that!

  5. Backword Dave Says:

    I’m sure Armando Iannucci discussed Jonathan King on Radio 4 when King got out of prison and complained in the Sunday Times or some such paper that traffic wardens seemed exorbitantly pleased to give him tickets. Armando Iannucci concluded, IIRC, “No, it’s just you, because you interfere with children.”

    I immediately elevated traffic wardens to the same exalted level as Emergency Room nurses, Mick McGahey, and anyone who could get on with Mark E Smith long enough to record more than one album for the Fall. I may have to find a higher ground.

  6. Bruschetta Boy Says:

    we have a new “quote of the month”. Christ I need to catch up with the Watching too.

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