It’s nothing to do with Iraq you bastards

… as proved by the bomb which exploded in hypothetical Paris this week.

I wonder if Nick has visited Brisbane recently?


3 Responses to “It’s nothing to do with Iraq you bastards”

  1. Simon Says:

    There has, of course, already been an Islamist attack in Paris: 1995, nail bomb attack on the Paris Metro, eight dead. The group responsible (Algerians of some stripe, IIRC) would probably have been described as ‘Al Qaeda-affiliated’ after 9/11. Surprised Cohen didn’t mention it in his article – as an expert on Islamism, he must surely be aware it occurred.

  2. Sonic's place Says:

    “Before a single fact on the motives of the killers was available”

    Doesnt stop our Nick though, looks like he has been channeling Hitchens again.

  3. redpesto Says:

    Just a had a very fast skim-read of NC’s column. He’s obviously waiting (hoping?) for the ‘I told you so’ response if France gets bombed next (though I’d have assumed it would be Italy). Problem is (as noted elsewhere in the comments), the Aznar govt. didn’t want to know about al-Qaeda after the Madrd bombings either. Also, NC fails to distinguish between knowing who committed the crime and some form of analysis as to why. There have been so many self-serving explanations of 9/11 and Iraq (from Bush to ‘humanitarian interventionists’), but the two things they have in common is a failure to analyse what, if anything, ‘we’ got wrong, and a readiness to abuse anyone who starts asking more awkward questions.

    For example, Charles Clarke claims that the terrorists are both nihilists and anarchists. Forgive me, but even my limited knowledge of political theory says the two are not the same – who the [bleep] is the govt. getting its analysis from? (And that’s before we start dealing with George W ‘God told me to do it’ Bush and his image of al-Queda as SMERSH with turbans, bent on taking over the world). Never mind Hitchens, NC’s channelling Kevin Keegan: I’d really love it if Paris was next…

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