Bulletted lists, I love them so

Back to the mission statement soon as I have been particularly annoying in other people’s comments sections of late. Until then though …

  • I bought a mango from Marks & Spencer a week ago. It is now six days past its “use by” date and still rock hard. Is this a record? Presumably there is a market for unripe fruit, but I am sure that the ripe kind is more popular. Maybe supermarkets could have a special “unripe fruit” section.
  • The Evening Standard newsboards today are advertising “SOCCER STAR RAPE QUIZ”. It’s certainly an original idea but I still think they would have been wiser to have stuck with Sudoku.
  • Could readers help settle a marital dispute? I am pretty sure that the jingle for Doctor Fox‘s Capital Radio show sampled “Doctor Doctor” by the Thompson Twins. Mrs Digest however insists that it was “Bad Case of Loving You” by Robert Palmer.

I have also put a bet on the Conservative leadership contest, but I’m not telling you who.


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