The most important weblog in the world

What with British blogging being in a bit of a rut, we need to do something about it. Matthew is going down the advertising route, which is important, but I am now raising my profile by becoming The Most Important Thinker In The World. And guess what? It has turned out to be easier than I expected.

As the American economist Tyler Cowen points out, loony extropian and transhuman nanotechnoartificiallinteligenceoboosterist Ray Kurzweil is, because of his wild technoutopian prophesies, “the most important thinker today, if only in expected value terms”.

Or at least he was, until this morning when while having my breakfast, I made the following prediction:

“Everything that Ray Kurzweil says will come true, and not only that but we will all get a pony”.

I am now, therefore, the most important thinker in the world today, leading Kurzweil by the market value of a healthy New Forest pony. Stay tuned for future important thoughts. My consultancy rates are decidedly reasonable.


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