you have to draw a line somewhere

Just to note that on p29 of the paper Guardian, there is someone called “Norman Johnson” who claims to be taking the mantle of Aaro. I think he is taking the piss but I am tired and might be mistaken. In any case, we will not be “watching” him. I can’t find him in the online version but if you really want to read it, the column is called “Free Radical” and £1.20 is not really that much to spend given that you get the week’s TV programmes thrown in.


7 Responses to “you have to draw a line somewhere”

  1. Simon Says:

    It is a parody, but it’s hard to tell because it’s about as well-argued as the real thing.

  2. Backword Dave Says:

    It’s here; courtesy of HP. They don’t think it funny; reading it *after* I know Gene fell for it, I find it hilarious.

  3. johnb Says:

    They might not think it’s funny, but McCarthy’s Place are so tickled that somebody’s writing about them, they can’t leave it alone. Bless!

  4. redpesto Says:

    Well, I fell for it – I was thinking: ‘Why would Rusbridger bother with an Aaronovitch-lite?’ [pun intended] Re-reading it, I can see why the Harryettes were pissed [tee hee]

  5. redpesto Says:

    Having read the comments in HP, they can’t make up their mind whether to be flattered (thinking they’ve put the wind up the Guardian) or annoyed (that [a] they’ve been satirized [b] that they fell for it – and deleted they comments that showed that they did). All together now: ‘You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you…’

  6. Backword Dave Says:

    Again via Harry, the Guardian letters. Keith Flett’s letters used to be one of their highlights. Alas, no more.

  7. redpesto Says:

    If you weren’t sure that this guy was a parody, this week’s column should help, even if he does still sound like NC on a (very) bad day (NC should steal the creeping caliphate of the left while he still can).

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