Fair weather fans

Mike Selvey in the Guardian appears to have transcribed a boilerplate article about football, cutting and pasting the name of the latest sport in which England have had a bit of success.

This has been beyond belief, celebrated not just by the die-hards who have been there through the thin years, but by those converted as the momentum of the series gathered. Some of the support from the chattering classes may even be permanent.

Really? Middle class people watching cricket in the Southeast of England? Do you think it could happen in our lifetimes? In God’s name, if not the prosperous urban middle classes, who the hell does he think has been watching cricket all these years? I have been told to my face during our lean years that the inexorable decline of English cricket was a result of Thatcher having sold off all the school playgrounds so “it’s all full of these public schoolboys these days”, which was pretty fucking ridiculous, but never have I seen anyone try to get away with suggesting that the chattering classes don’t really like cricket.

In any case it is pretty much impossible to be anything other than a “fair-weather fan” of cricket since they stop playing for rain or bad light. Fair weather is pretty much all there is to it.


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