Alison Pearson is back!

Alison Pearson, author of the novel I Don’t Know Why She Bothers, is back from some sort of leave or other and her column is being run in the Evening Standard. This post is just to say a) I think this is the end of the line for the Tuesday Cohen, which is a blessed relief and b) there is no way on God’s green earth that we will adding “incorporating Alison Pearson Watch”.


11 Responses to “Alison Pearson is back!”

  1. johnb Says:

    KILLER FACT!: Louise “Harvey” Oswald, the Screws hack who was described in actionable terms by Pearson after she honeytrapped Lawrence Dallaglio a few years back, is now happily living in New York City as deputy editor of the National Enquirer, and can probably buy and sell “Pearl Necklace” Pearson several times over…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll have you know that Pearson is a nasty piece of work who attacked Jeremy Corbyn for wanting his child to go to a comprehensive school.

    Also her novel is total crap.

  3. Backword Dave Says:

    Declining standards in the British Library I see from that URL. The actual page is “edu8.htm.” Shocking! NE 1 no u go 2 skool to get eduK8!

  4. bruschettaboy Says:

    O cruel, cruel, fucking fate, it appears that the NC col now appears on a Wednesday and so dreadfully dull it is that I cannot write about it for I have lost the will to live. Blah blah schools blah Keira Knightley isn’t she marvellous I tell you this the Yanks wouldn’t have had so many problems if they had our luvly fire brigade and NHS gawd bless ’em. Fuck a duck.

  5. Intrigued Says:

    What’s the connection between Alison Pearson and pearl necklaces?

  6. isakofsky Says:

    If ‘intrigued’ does know, then he/she doesn’t need to know. If he/she doesn’t know then who’s going to be the one to tell him/her?

  7. intrigued Says:

    No, I don’t know.

    What’s the association with pearl necklaces?

    I don’t see why its raised – many people have pearl necklaces.

    Please explain why in Pearson’s case.

  8. isakofsky Says:

    Intrigued, it may help you to google pearl necklace (in double quotes) and put next to it a word like ‘obscene’ or ‘vulgar slang’…

  9. intrigued Says:

    That’s disgusting.

    What has it got to do with Pearson though?

  10. Backword Dave Says:

    Funny you should mention the fire brigade. I’ve found a Cohen column I agree with. (I’m not being sarcastic.)
    [Simon] Jenkins has two jobs, one on the Standard and second on the Times. I would guess at least 30 people would take them from him for an income his colleagues conservatively put at £150,000. [That was a reference to Jenkins’ view that “A firefighter’s life was so easy there were ’30 men queuing for every vacancy.'”] A manager reviewing his performance would have to look at his leading role in promoting the great Millennium Dome disaster. But to point out his hypocrisy is to make the appalling social error of treating a single mother as the moral equal of Chris Evans. The logic of meritocracy holds that anyone can be a firefighter, but only Simon Jenkins can be Simon Jenkins. He is where he is because of his unique talent. As for the Dome, well all creatives must have the freedom to fail otherwise humanity will never progress.
    No merit in greed. I think Cohen’s 100% correct, but if had jobs on the Standard and the Observer, I wouldn’t put it the way he does.

  11. Bruschetta Boy Says:

    currently listening to:

    “Death or Glory”, the Clash

    “i believe in this and it’s been tested by research; he who fucks nuns will later join the church”

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