Nice bunch of mates you’ve got there

Via Jamie, a charming little comedy bit from the David Horowitz media empire:

Expect heavily armed and infuriated conservatives to launch a cleansing war against the traitors. The armed will mow down the mostly unarmed segments, especially those elements that devoted forty-plus years to anti-American hatred to destroy this country. Should the likes of Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, Dennis[?] Raimondo, et al. act out their sedition in a just-nuked[1] America, expect their bodies to be found shot full of holes.

Charming. If I were a Europhile leftist hanging around with these lads I’d be looking at my watch, saying “hang on boys I don’t like Chomsky either but are you sure this is legal” and thinking about phoning for a taxi before they got started on the second keg.

More proper posting of comments section fun soon, I promise.

[1]Apparently Al Quaeda have seen the Scouse wedding that ensued in New Orleans, so they’re definitely going to nuke us with those nukes they have and it’s the liberal professors’ fault.


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