Fuck off, the lot of ye

Following John B’s example I have decided to alienate and annoy my entire readership by sticking up for a bunch of people who are about as unpopular as it is possible to be; the Jewish settlers in the Gaza Strip.

Why do they need to be evicted from their houses? Presumably they have been told that the Palestinians are in charge now and have decided to take their chances. If they are being chucked out because the Palestinians’ first act as masters of their own destiny is to want them chucked out, then do the Palestinians really have the right to ethnically cleanse their territory in this way? If they are being chucked out because the State of Israel doesn’t want the long-tailed liability of having to defend them at some future date, then is this really any way to run a railroad? Surely a more sensible way of going about the problem would be to tell them that the IDF was no longer at the other end of the phone, that they would have to comply with local laws, that local courts in future would probably take a more draconian line on the practice of shooting random Arab youths who happened to wander past their compounds and that there was a reasonable social welfare system for them back in Israel if in light of the above they decided to chuck in their cards. Perhaps I am a hopeless optimist about the feasibility of a multiethnic state in the Middle East but it does seem a bit much to legislate against even trying one. What am I missing here? Update: quite a lot, apparently, see comments.


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