Banned again

Gosh how disappointing, after having been specifically promised that this wouldn’t happen because they found me “entertaining” (although also “boring” so I suppose I should have realised that the entertaining thing would only ever be a passing fad). I think it’s because of this bit where I mildly remonstrate with an attempt to smear Haifa Zargana[1] as a collaborator with Saddam. Oh well I dare say I shall recover.

I have been doing a few more constructive things around the blogs though, of which perhaps more anon.

[1]Who appears to me to have a number of quite bizarre political views but who does not seem to be guilty of the specific charge she is accused of here.

Update: I have just been told that I am not banned, although I get exactly the “You are not allowed to post comments” message that I got on each of my four previous bans. This might possibly be some sort of technical snafu but at present I am not inclined to expend much effort in finding out.

Update Update: Of course I’m bloody banned, I can’t believe I fell for that. Apparently though, it’s only a game and I shouldn’t take it too seriously when people call me a twat behind my back and don’t let me respond.


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