I had that David Aaronovitch in the back of my cab once …

Cohen-in-the-Standard Watch won’t take up much time this week:

1. Paula Radcliffe, isn’t she bloomin’ marvellous?
2. Course A-levels these days, they’re just bollocks, aren’t they?
3. I don’t think much to those advertising hoardings
4. Tell you what, that Tony Blair, he used to be a right focus-group Charlie but you can’t say that about the Iraq War, can you guvnor?
5. Bloody British Airways, they should never have sold off the catering in the first place!
6. Sorry guv, which end of Upper Street was it you wanted? That’ll be nine pound sixty.

(actually numbers 3, 4 and 5 have an element of “reach out to the left” in them so I call a qualified predictive success, but the whole column is dreadful. Capital Radio has disc jockeys with more insight to add than this weeks Standard column).

Update: You lot don’t deserve this level of tireless watching. I have just discovered that number 4 above (the meat of Cohen’s Standard col this week) certainly looks very much as if it was recycled from this piece in the New Statesman. Associated Newspapers perhaps ought to have a word …


4 Responses to “I had that David Aaronovitch in the back of my cab once …”

  1. Benjamin Says:

    The column is not online?

  2. Bruschetta Boy Says:

    no, the Standard ones never are so it’s a bit of a thankless labour of love. I type in any particularly good or bad extracts but there weren’t any this week.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    But surely Sonic’s “prediction” was a description, based on the early (internet or London) edition, rather than a prediction?

  4. brusch Says:

    no, fair do’s, he predicted the Sunday Cohen column more or less to the letter on the preceding Friday; it’s in the comments to “Friday forecast” below.

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