Aaro lights a cigarette in No-Man’s Land

Oh Aaro. Ohhhhh Aaro. Oh Aaaaaaro Aaaro Aaro. You can’t expect that we’re gonna be merciful about this. More to come.

Update: Actually a rather good and unexceptionable piece (or possibly, I haven’t found the Blair/War angle yet). There is something hilarious about Aaro being sent to a fat farm by Guardian Weekend who were “worried about his health”[1], but to be honest if the guy had a weight problem and decided to do something about it, that’s not really a bad thing and not one that can really be mocked without doing a lot of collateral damage to some fairly harmless and good-natured Americans (I note the appearance of a character called Alfred, however, who “believed every conspiracy theory going” and might have made a few anonymous appearances in subsequent Aaronovitch columns). So what the hey. I do actually believe that Aaronovitch’s weight problem and general midlife issues have a lot to do with his enthusiasm for the “don’t just stand there, Do Something” Blair project and we will return to this theme in future, but the GW article ain’t a bad one and Aaronovitch is probably correct in what he says.

[1]And then when he lost weight, he fucked off to the Times. Tsk, they must have been vexed.
[2]Full disclosure; Bruschetta Boy #1 is 6’1″ tall (same as Aaro) and weighs 210 pounds (two stone less than Aaro, but still a bit too much. It’s all muscle I tell you).


5 Responses to “Aaro lights a cigarette in No-Man’s Land”

  1. Bruschetta Boy Says:

    I enjoyed that article, actually. But then it played to all his strengths. It was about real, named, individuals, not “hand-wringing pseudo-leftists” or whatever. It was about something he knew, rather than cherry-picking reports from abroad.

    Alfred conspiracy theories seemed to involve pinkoes, limeys, and Californians, so unless he’s moved shockingly to the right … But I haven’t read him in the Times.

    I agree with you about the weight stuff. I think a lot of the Decent Left discovered the appeal of military intervention just when their waistlines and birthdays declared they weren’t front line material.

    If all members of the “indecent left” are 6’1 or so (I’m only 6’1/2), should we challenge the “Decent Left” to a basketball tournament?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, I’m 6’1/2 too, and 190 pounds. We’d crush em.

    the rioja kid

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Poor DA: I’m not surprised, given that he once said in his column (G2, March 4, 2004) that in preference to returning to pre-New Labour days he would rather eat Roy Hattersley. As one letter- writer put it the following day: ‘Funny, looking at his photo at the top of the page I thought he already had.’ Word to the wise: lay off the tubs of lard.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, guys – the story’s from 2003. Oops.

  5. Benjamin Says:

    Quite an interesting article.

    Perhaps Aaro should stick to healthy lifestyle issues rather than supporting Blair, bombing and war?

    Might be more useful.

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