action Aaro

I think my colleague has dealt more than sufficiently with the main theme of “Action Aaro’s” latest contribution to our general understanding of events. However, I do detect a retreat from the high tide of pro war liberalism where it was axiomatic that what we did in Afghanistan and Iraq was necessary, effective and morally mandated. Now it’s just good because we do things.

I think it unlikely that Dave hasn’t heard here of the proposed partial withdrawal of troops from Iraq by the US, the UK and the Italians, announced shortly after last week’s bombings. Whatever we’re doing in Iraq, we’re going to be doing a good deal less of it come next year. And while it’s still debateable whether what we did inspired the terrorists to do what they did last week, it’s pretty clear that what we’ve done in the name of opposing them hasn’t done anything to stop them doing things. Never mind. In Dave’s world whatever we do we have to keep on doing things, presumably because if we didn’t the only things that would get done would be done by terrorists. It’s a doing things competition, and we will win because we do nicer things, in a spirit of liberal optimism. Oooh, look! A pole vaulter.

– the Rioja Kid


One Response to “action Aaro”

  1. Bruschetta Boy Says:

    Oooh, look! A pole vaulter

    hahahahaha. classic.

    –BB (one of them, I forget which)

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