Conspiranoia time

A brief service to my mates in the conspiracy-theory community. I’ve noticed that many of you are rather better at picking holes in “The Official Version Of Things” than coming up with plausible alternatives. Hence, if you want to play around with theories about the London bombings, here’s the “Beau Geste”, “Lone Bomber” theory, worked out here, also here and here, here, each with enough participation from me to be on-topic for this blog. As far as I can tell, the only version consistent with the facts (or at least the official version of the facts, scary music) is Matthew Turner’s final variant, which has the King’s Cross bomb being thrown onto a train which the bomber did not himself get on.

What’s lacking here, however, is any particular reason to disbelieve the OVOT. I personally believe that 10lb of explosive per bomber is a crap capital to labour ratio and that suicide bombers with timers doesn’t make much sense, but I have not had much luck convincing others of this and they are probably right. There you go. Another potential lesson to my conspiracy mates is that despite the fact that I have put a lot of effort into this theory, I am letting it go because it is not productive of anything.


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