Links …

I have added some links to my short but exclusive link list. The Maxspeak link has been changed to one which works. Perfect.co.uk is about British politics and is reasonably sound; its presence there indicates the fact that the operator asked me to put it up (actually he asked if I could put a link on CT but the answer is that I don’t have the technical acumen to do so) and seems like a decent bloke.

Balkanalysis.com is your one-stop news portal for the former Yugoslavia, run by a chap who lives there and has a rather contrarian opinion about the net benefit of the ur-“humanitarian intervention” which took place there. I don’t necessarily endorse Chris’ political views, mainly because I don’t know what passing loony or medieval philosopher might have grabbed his enthusiasm this week, but it is an excellent website and chock full of useful information. If you want to know the visa requirements for Macedonian nationals to travel to Greece, for example, Chris is certainly the man to ask. He’s on his summer holidays at the moment but it is a very worthy enterprise.

If anyone else wants to be added to the link list, just send me an email, although do be aware that the Taliban ruled Afghanistan when I first started promising to put up the balkanalysis one.


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