Hullo BBC website readers. Sorry Len, I think this probably pushes you into second place among our referrers.

Sorry also to new readers for the lack of updated content. This isn’t really our fault; as noted below “Aaronovitch Watch” is in the market for a powerful telescope, second hand. Meantime, here’s a nugget from Matthew Norman’s Media Diary

A PERSONAL GROOMING development at The Times. New signing David Aaronovitch, makeweight in the transfer deal that took Simon Jenkins to The Guardian, has ditched the wispy strip of hair running from below the centre of his bottom lip to his chin – a look favoured by various members of So Solid Crew. The resulting boost in gravitas is estimated by leading academics such as Professors Peter Cole and Donald Trelford at anything between 25-45 per cent. It is thought likely that, in a tough no-nonsense counterstrike, Sir Simon will be fitting a tongue stud, but this has yet to be confirmed.

I wonder if this brand new “Blogger pictures” thing works.

Oh that’s pretty cool.


4 Responses to “Famous”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    His double chin will be more difficult to do away with.

    Cruel to be kind.

  2. Bruschetta Boy Says:

    It is a non-salary cost of moving from the Guardian that the Times appears to get its byline pics from a Photo-Me booth, meaning that Decent Dave doesn’t have the attention of a talented photographer (“look downward”, “wear black”, “grow a goatee”) to help make him look weighty and solid rather than merely fat.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes indeed. But he’s still giving us that that impassive look.

    It’s Dangerous Dave.

  4. Bruschetta Boy Says:

    He actually looks rather puzzled or surprised, as if someone has just shouted “Do a Denis Healey impression!” at him loudly for no apparent reason.

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