Around the rugged blogs, the ragged rascal ran

Hullo … this week I have been mainly indulging my predilection for hit-and-run jibes, but in more substantive commenting, I’ve been defending the Common Agricultural policy over at Blood & Treasure and sticking up for modern art (and music) chez Abiola.

From the “Greatest Hits” vault, for your amusement, the “Harry’s Place International Law Wars”, volumes One (which earned me my first ever ban[1] from that site) and Two, in which I tag-team with Matthew Turner and the leaked AG advice turns up to completely vindicate us.
No “too hot for CT” item this week; it’s been more a case of “no time for CT”. I have acquired a copy of “Freakonomics”, though, and may review it soon. Yes, yes, like the Doug Henwood review which is also coming in the eternal near-present. Mind how ye go.

[1]I see that another ban is presumably in the post for me since the owner of the site has pretty much lost it (Whoah!). Probably a good thing time-management wise for me, but a bit of a shame; Harry & Co have a more or less explicit policy of deleting and banning articulate people who don’t agree with them and allowing the morons to stand, which if you ask me is a pretty pathetic way to make yourself look good.


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