Googlebombing is so lame …

But I swear that this is the fifth result on a search for “David Aaronovitch”. I wonder why?

“Surely you don’t want Jones back?”


One Response to “Googlebombing is so lame …”

  1. Eamonn Says:

    I spotted the Squealer pic too, it’s now on the 2nd page of returns, I think.

    What astonished me was that ‘David Aaronovitch’ doesn’t apear in the text body of the page or in the search keywords.

    I think it is because so many bloggers and others have made the connection between ‘Decent Dave’ and Squealer fom Animal Farm that Goolge has picked it up.

    Polly Toynbee (what is the point of that woman?) sometimes gets ‘Squealer-ized’ too.

    For a journalist who once received the Orwell Prize (Fabians and New Labour movers and shakers are always giving each other ‘Orwell’ prizes and lectures) I wonder if Dave has ever realised what a charicature he has become. Why? He even has the chins!

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