Crooked Timber

I’m a terrible academic groupie, as you might guess from the posts below. I really would have loved to have had a career as a prof; the only thing that stopped me was the realisation that it would involve being financially dependent on my parents for another three years. So I’m really quite chuffed to be joining Crooked Timber, the new group blog that’s setting the world on fire. I think I’m the only person there who doesn’t work for an academic institution. They’re all frighteningly highbrow, which is why I decided to come out all guns blazing with a post more or less entirely made up of obscure literary references to Jorge Luis Borges. In all honesty, it might have been a bit more impressive if the references hadn’t all been to stories in the same Penguin anthology, but I think I got away with it.

I’ll be keeping D2D going at roughly its current rate of (in)frequency of posting, however. For one thing, it can only be a matter of time before I get found out and chucked out of the Crooked Timber gang. For another, there are a fair few things I like doing that wouldn’t really fit in there because they’re too long, contain obscene language or excessive facetiousness, or are only concerned with personal hobby-horses of mine. And also because I’m incredibly vain.

Everyone who likes this weblog will like Crooked Timber much more. If you’re worried about the number of weblogs you find yourself having to keep up with, might I suggest that Matthew Yglesias’ site has begun to suck a bit recently and is probably the best candidate for pruning from your bookmarks.


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