Two for the price of one!

What do you mean, slacking off? I happened to know that if I waited a day I’d be able to summarise not one but two posts with one bullet point:

  • How could I be “right wing”? I believe in evolution!

There’s also a:

  • Hmmmm, looks like some of those diplomatic masterstrokes weren’t so clever after all. Time for unilateral war!

(seasoned SdB watchers will notice that these posts used to end “time to reveal our smoking gun dossier / the evidence that France has been smuggling weapons / the true identity of the Hooded Claw!”. Looks like this claim has been dropped, and the rationale is back to “because we can”.)

Residents of Berkeley might like to know that there is 1 (one) joke about your town being nuked. In fact, anyone else might like to be aware of this, as it offers useful context for exactly how much of a fuck SdB actually gives about the victims of terrorism when they aren’t being wheeled on and off stage to provide a handy moral justification for wars of aggression. Note also in this context that when one says “I’d rather be hated by everyone than have one of our cities nuked”, that it’s not exactly an either / or situation. Finally note that this paragraph constitutes a roughly 150 word summary of a ten word original; I am still plagued by the philosophical ramifications of Shannon’s information theory.


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