Den Beste is a Volvo driver!!!!

Unless anyone knows of another marque where you can’t switch the headlights off, I’m going to assume that he’s a Volvo Driver, providing a rich further vein of mockery for me to mine, without heed to the environmental consequences. In related news, today’s post summarises as “Trivial gestures like boycotting French wine or French fries are stupid!! What we need is War on France!!”

Update:Apparently I have some readers who were fooled by my clever subversion of the convention of reverse chronological order below (I got two emails asking if I was in hiatus because I started posting new SSdBs to the bottom of the SSdB post below as “Updates” rather than as new posts at the top of the page). So I guess I can’t take anything for granted. The point I’m making above is that Volvo drivers are notorious for a) being snooty about their superior taste in engineering and design and b) using the fact that they are personally isolated from the consequences of their actions to make the road a complete bloody peril for other users. I’m guessing that regular SdB readers can join the dots on this one.

Further Update: I don’t want to get hate mail for the wrong reasons. So before going any further, let me make it quite clear that I do hate Volvos, and that the people who drive them are fools for doing so. I confess to a weakness for the P1800, but even that came in a horrendous estate version, as if Volvo wanted to underline that it was just a fluke. The rest of the Volvo line is just abysmal. I don’t really like the look of Saabs either, but I will concede that some rational people like them.

Final Update: Apparently it’s a Chevrolet. Rat’s cocks.


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