Oh yeh, I knew I’d come through the other side of that Wobbly Friday I had and I think I have done.

Update: We must invade Iraq because Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction are a threat to us, and we will win because Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction are no threat to us.


  • I don’t like someone else’s screen name
  • The French will say that “war is the last resort”, and they will be wrong.

Sorry for the lack of non-SSdB content, by the way, I’ve been busy. More coming …


  • I am in a position to criticise other people for poor English
  • Why do the Iraqis bother, we’re going to invade them anyway?

    Update: He thinks he can break me by taking advantage of my weekend break to put up like about a hundred comments. But he can’t:

    • If Le Monde don’t understand why we want to bomb Iraq, they should take a trip to Southern Manhattan1
    • Oh, they did. What a bunch of patronising bastards they are for saying so.
    • Time to declare war on France!
    • Time to declare war on France!
    • Turkey aren’t co-operating … clearly the French are behind it!
    • We are being diplomatically outmanouevered by the French!
    • Saddam’s missiles represent a very real threat because their range is long enough to reach troops stationed extremely close to his borders.
    • Time to declare war on France!

    I haven’t included bits that were just two-sentence comments on news stories; perhaps a reader with some Python skills will construct a program that downloads random feeds from Yahoo news, and appends the sentence “Sometimes I read things that just make my blood boil” to the beginning and “Time to declare war on France!” to the end. But I have to post this final summary because I think that, via subtext, den Beste is crying out for help. He doesn’t want to continue this dance of death that me and him have got into, so he’s begun serving me up short lobs to smack to the boundary.

    • I used to play Go rather heavily. It’s an interesting and very complex game, one famous for the fact that the rules of the game are easy to learn but tell you nothing about how you should play. Now here are some of my opinions.

    Update: This can’t be accidental. Either he’s playing with me or crying for help. I can’t believe anyone would just accidentally juxtapose these two:

    • It’s incredibly tragic when young men die in easily preventable ways for no good reason.
    • Time to start a war right now!

    In related news, I think I’m going to try to keep count of the number of times SdB uses his favourite analogy to mobile phones; that, just as you sometimes have to ship a really crappy mobile phone product which isn’t ready in order to meet a deadline because marketing is on you ass, sometimes you have to start a pre-emptive war of aggression without the support of anyone else in the world and before you have deployed your troops properly because … sometimes you have to ship a really crappy mobile phone because marketing is on your ass. Or something. There’s a particularly good example today.

    In unrelated news, a number of people have requested “links” to the specific posts being summarised. No. I refuse to “dumb down” this service; the kind of person who can’t work out which summary refers to which SdB post without being spoonfed a link is, frankly, going to have a hard time mastering the relationship between Ezra Pound, Marxist accumulation theory and endogenous-money economics, and thus should probably go off and read another blog. Furthermore, this is a *summary* service, meant to *replace* USS Clueless. I’ve never heard of anything so silly as to read a summary and then go and read the full length version “to check if the summary was right”. If you want to read USS Clueless, then go ahead. Allow yourself. It’s OK. You don’t need to make excuses like “checking up on d-squared digest”. You’re still a good person.

    1I would just like at this point, to express a certain degree of contempt for anyone who makes political use of a tragedy which happened to other people living a long way away and one from which they personally are more or less isolated. As far as I can tell, Den Beste didn’t lose anybody in the WTC disaster (an apology will obviously be placed here if anyone can show otherwise), so I’d like to know where he gets off in appropriating those who did for his own purposes, particularly when he’s agitating for an unrelated pre-emptive war. We had people like this crawling all over every single IRA bomb that went off. I don’t want to start a competitive grief contest with anybody, so I’ll just point out that I live in a major terrorist target and SdB doesn’t.

    Non-SSdB content coming soonish.

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