Shorter Steven den Beste

Christ, I didn’t realise this was going to be a weekend job too:

  • Loads of military equipment is moving around and anyone who doesn’t want a war is stupid Update: sorry, not stupid, evil..
  • I have ideas about tank warfare which I believe to be revolutionary.

Update: No, fuck it, I am going to last at least a week. “The French are weasels, I like Dungeons & Dragons and when are we going to get that war I wanted” will do for Sunday’s output — obviously these three are themes which underly pretty much 99% of the entire site, but they were out in elemental form on Sunday. I have no real idea whether “I like Dungeons & Dragons” is a fair summary of the one that’s illustrated with “anime” characters, but I draw the line at reading it; some things should not be asked of any man. I’m going through a bit of a long dark night of the soul on this one, as you can probably tell.

Update: This is getting to me. I think I’ve reloaded denbeste.nu about twenty times today. I’m literally getting stressed that there hasn’t been an update. I’m beginning to seriously worry that SdB has more of a life than I do after all. I’m seriously thinking about quitting. I think I’m hitting the wall here. I’ve got to just fight through it and come out the other side. No way am I going to give up after just five days. No way. God, I think I’m actually sweating. I seriously advise anyone who feels like doing this, don’t. You’d be surprised how intense it all gets after a few days’ build-up.


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