Three snippets

  • If you see an offer for “Free Champagne” in a left-wing periodical, check it very carefully. It is far more likely, on sober reflection, that the offer was for “Free Campaign Materials”, and once you are on these people’s mailing lists, it is the very dickens of a job to get off. I learned this the hard way.
  • “Adrenaline junkies” my ass. If people were really adrenaline junkies, then you’d see them getting withdrawal symptoms every weekend that they weren’t able to go snowboarding for business or personal reasons, and injecting black market adrenaline stolen from the prescriptions of people with peanut allergies.
  • The reason that people like Sullivan and Kaus pick on Paul Krugman is that they know it annoys him. That’s it. If Thomas Friedman got all out of his tree and published irritable rejoinders on his website, he’d be the target.
  • When you’re going under the anaesthetic for some complicated operation, I would say that about the last thing you’d want to hear the doctor mumbling would be “I wasn’t descended from no monkey”.

Oh yeh, and a quick Shorter Stephen den Beste: (actually quite a succint post, but I skimmed it for meaning): Did I tell you how we could win this without France? Oh, right.


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