Friday random links

The latest issue of the Post-Autistic Economics Review is out, including at long last an article which at least attempts to get to grips with the movement’s rather distasteful name. Always worth checking out the PAE crowd, even if some of them are about a yard too far up their own arses.

Some monkey in the increasingly godawful Slate is of the opinion that America has the highest productivity growth in the world because it’s more innovative in technology than Japan, and chooses to illustrate this with examples from the fields of personal electronics and the auto industry … Good God, this nutter is apparently an “undersecretary of commerce in the Clinton administration” and a “fellow of the Brookings Institution”. Is there another Brookings Institution in the town of Brookings, South Dakota or somewhere, selling “fellowships” for $10 in the back pages of The Economist?

And good luck to the Irish, who vote on the Nice Treaty this weekend, and who shouldn’t be blindsided by the likes of Polly Toynbee, who is here pushing the line that Nice is all about being friendly to the Poles, Romanians, etc, and has nothing to do with making the EU even more profoundly antidemocratic than it already is. I have a horse in this race; since Antinomianism is much less prevalent in the UK than in Europe, I face the risk of actually living under stupid laws passed by Europeans who sensibly never intended to enforce them.

This is about right in my experience, and should be good for a chuckle for Americans who don’t like Europe.


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