Like I care what you think ….

Hmmmm …. well a glance at the original NetComments comments link suggests that they’ve gone to a place where no amount of whining from me will get comments back, so it’s “Bye Bye NetComments, and your bizarre generosity” but “Hello, E-Net-Ation comments, and your equally bizarre generosity”. SInce the new comments company has both an “e”, a “net” and a pun in its title, I’m guessing that they may be something of a “dot com” company, so don’t post any 500 word essays without saving a copy. I’ll try and find out what’s happened to the old NetComments comments, but my guess is that they’ve gone forever.

You can’t get the service for free, these days, I ask you …. still, I learned quite a lot in this quest; specifically, I learned that no matter how you tweak the code, it is not possible to fool other peoples’ comments servers into hosting comments for me.

update: “enetation server busy”. Some things speak volumes louder than comments, and the voice of God telling me not to have comments is one of them.


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