Found Poetry on Brad Delong’s Website

Due to being better at techie things than me, Brad Delong has a list of the headlines of all his old posts in the right hand column. If you read them with a glass of wine inside you (Friday afternoon, innit?), you can play the game of trying to find the longest sequence of consecutive titles which read together, look like they make a twisted kind of sense ….

there are two liners …

Paul Krugman Sounds Nervous
Yep, He Has a Two-Year-Old

Open Foot, Insert Mouth–
Lunch with Arabist Bernard Lewis

three liners …

How to Run an Auction
The Fruit Detective
With the Nine-Year-Old in the Grocery Store

a fair few four-liners …

Green Consumption
Look What Crawled Out From Under the Rock…
Identify Things Before Eating Them
——— this one is my favourite

Koba and Adolf the Dread —
A Good Reason to Be a Democrat.
Blue Blood
Resistance Is Futile

It’s a Party
Live Bait Vending Machines
Dow 36000 Once Again
Time to Cut Interest Rates Further?

Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill
Twelve-Year-Old Humor
Gresham’s Law of Policy Debate
Rudi Dornbusch Is Dead at 60

But I can only find one five-liner:

Amazon Made Usable–
Small-Scale Terraforming.
Forecasting Growth and Unemployment
Health Insecurity

If anyone can do better, there’s a comments button below.


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