Praise the Lord and pass the Immodium

The reason that there hasn’t been anything in the way of an update so far today is that the editorial staff of D-squared Digest, namely me, has succumbed to a pretty nasty stomach infection, namely the shits. God damn. I’d forgotten how incredibly unpleasant it is, to have even a slight attentuation of the normal adult human being’s control over his bowel movements (here’s a book to remind me). Two days ago it was my baby kid puking and shitting all over the place, and it was absolutely heartbreaking.

And, at the risk of coming over all Thought for the Day and trying to shoehorn politics into my every visit to the lavatory, I’d have to point out that I’m experiencing my current travails as what has to be viewed objectively as mild physical discomfort. I’ve got access to clean water and good food, and this sort of upset to the digestion is an extremely rare event for me. To be suffering chronic, epidemic diarrhoea, regularly, and without a decent water supply within ten seconds’ walk (or for that matter, without a clean Western water closet within ten seconds’ sprinting distance), must be absolutely appalling.

I’ve had my conscience pricked (or to be honest, I made a deal with God about five minutes ago that if he just stops me shitting, I’ll do pretty much anything he asks). If anyone else feels like making a small contribution to the poor box to bring their digestive system a bit of good luck, here’s a link to a charitable organisation with a good record on not wasting your money.


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